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Amy Cheung lives and works in Hong Kong. She gained her BA in History of Art & Fine Art from Goldsmith's College and her MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art. Since graduation, she has initiated numerous city interventions and public art projects both locally and abroad. Cheung was Beck's New Contemporaries in U.K. UNESCO-ASCHBERG Laureate, and represented Hong Kong in the 52th Venice Biennale, 2007. In the same year, she received the Outstanding Young Artist Award (Visual Arts) from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Selected Exhibitions

2008 -
Ashes unto Pearl

The 3rd Guangzhou Triennale, China

2007 -
Devil's Advocate: A Song and a Landscape

Star Fairy: Hong Kong in Venice, Hong Kong
The 52nd Venice Biennale, Italy
Reversing Horizons, MoCA Shanghai, China

2006 -
Atom Ocean

Artist-in-Neighborhood, Hong Kong

A Bleeding Toy from Childhood
Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong

Project Big Bang
Hong Kong

Zero Anchor Zero Territories: Contemporary Art from Taiwan & Hong Kong
Hong Kong and Taiwan

2005 -
Down the rabbit hole, ‘TAXI’ says Alice

Parasite Art Spaces, Hong Kong
The 2nd Guangzhou Triennale, China

Ivory Parables amid an Amnesiac's Skin
Cattle Depot Artists Village, Hong Kong

Crime and Punishment
RE:Wanchai, International Artists Workshop, Hong Kong

If Hong Kong, a woman/traveler
1aspace, Hong Kong

Complexity of Life
Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museums and South-Karelia Art Museum, Finland

2004 -
Nasubi Gallery Project

Mori Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan

Down the rabbit hole, ‘TAXI’says Alice
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Blue, indefinitive portraiture and the betweens
Gertrude Street Contemporary Art Spaces, Australia

2003 -
Spring Exhibition

Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

Open studio Gjestatelier
Vadso Gjestatelier Finnmark, Norway

Physics of the wonderland
Hong Kong Art Biennale, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong

The Third International Experimental Performance Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia

2002 -
Untitled (The Population)
Kaohsiung Container Arts Festival, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan

Remaking the character, the game and the horror elements
A.K.T.III Between Fiction & Reality, International Performance Festival, Brno, Czech Republic

Space Sofa Voyager 3000
Theatre Ensemble & Leisure and Culture Services Department, Hong Kong

Untitled (The Population)
Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong

Physics of the wonderland
Chateau de La Napoule, France

2001 -
Polarflex, Aroma Project Space, Berlin, Germany

Tracce di un serminrio
Viafarini Contemporary Art Centre, Milan, Italy

Maneage Central Exhibition Hall, St Petersburg, Russia

Two Minute A Woman
The Portobello Film Festival , London, United Kingdom

Birth of Pillowhead
Brrr Live Art International Performance Festival, Porto, Portugal

Tourism on cloud should be prohibited
San Francesca Church, Italy

Attack sugar planet
The 3rd international Festival of Experimental & Performance Art, Russia

Studio Air
Helsinki 2000, European City of Culture Program, Finland

1999 -
Forum Box Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Freelance Gallery Tram
City Festival, Hong Kong

Nasubi Gallery Project
Cities on the Move, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland

Institute of Contemporary Art, London, United Kingdom

In awhile the crocodile
Marseille en Juin, France

1997 -
Frozen dislocated shocket plug-ged away home precise warmth
newcontemporaries 1997, Camden Art Center, London, United Kingdom

72 hours sound & vision. Made in Hong Kong (30/6/1997-2/7/1997)
Media. Art. Project., Amos Anderson Museum, Helsinki, Finland

Hiding Behind the Sofa,Perma Art Centre, Gloucester, England


2008 -
"Amy Cheung - Devil's Advocate"
An extensive record of artist Amy Cheung’s works, 1997 - 2007.
(press release)

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